Caty Lévêque
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Mrs. S. my Dutch teacher in the Netherlands used to compare the learning of a foreign language to this painting by Dali in which a human body is full of drawers. “Every language is a drawer, don’t mix the drawers, don’t try to compare, everybody in everybody’s home!” she said fondling the cat Rosa.

One after one I fell into these drawers like Alice in her hole. Each time I am someone else in another world confronted to the absurd and the bizarre... When I open my mouth, I am not me anymore. It is a punch and Judy show, Carnival, sometimes a race after words in a deep and overcrowded forest...

It’s a slightly archaic and uncomfortable time where speaking becomes a strange foreigner’s act. I am an innocent new born and a daring knight of Words as well, investigating the language as a new and vast country where I know I can get lost.
  [But everything is possible since everything is a (re)commencement. ]


Cl als zij komt 129x160 120229
Cl de wolken 129x160 120229
Cl boos 128x160 120229
Cl woorden 128x160 120229
Cl de botten 123x160 120229
Cl de ministers 128x160 120229
Cl de slaap kamer 129x160 120229
Cl de schaduw 128x160 120229
Cl vrienden 122x160 120229
Cl aandeslag 130x160 120229
Cl kennen 105x160 120229
Cl donker 105x160 120229
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