In 2009 I moved to Scotland where I had to adapt myself to a new and different setting.

I quickly developed a special bond with this country and keeping the Scottish landscape painting tradition in mind, I tried using a modern approach. I resolved to mix landscapes, drawings and self penned texts in English (see Life, Words and Coinci­dences in the page Texts).

The Scottish diary was an attempt to translate the subconscious and strong emotions I was experiencing there.

Cl thequestion 326x600 120129 t
Cl coincidence 330x600 120129 t
Cl tyrebagger forest 324x600 120130 t
Cl new country 329x600 t
Cl loneliness black rabbit 325x600 120130 t
Cl lost 326x600 120129 t
Cl icequeen 332x600 120129 t
Cl the wheel of life 328x600 120129 t

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