Caty Lévêque
Couverturejournal intime

A private diary? Private or public?
A combination of circumstances…

Winter 2001: 
I return to my studio after an exhibition. It is cold outside, inside: hard to go back to painting.  This contrast between Art and village life, I must find a way to reconcile the two; to justify my place in this rural environment, this daily routine, where I live. Here art is a luxury, a foreign thing, an incomprehensible object, almost useless.

Unconsciously I find the answer in my first drawing. I will draw the ‘here and now’, not only of my life but of Life. What began as a life belt grows into a revelation. This is what I’ve been looking for, this bond of the ‘down to earth’, the concrete and poetry. It is a personal voyage of rediscovering the meaning of Art, its function as a footbridge. Suddenly everything deserves attention, everything has a new beginning, everything can be transcribed, translated and thus transcended.

Daily life becomes universal, ‘mythological’. C., our greengrocer, the figs, the plane tree, Mrs. L., Mr. B.: all echo to something else, to a wider, more complicated story, to humanity...

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