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The windows of my artist's studio were giving onto the red district of The Hague.

At the end of this street, You could find the house and the statue of Spinoza.

Everything was mixing up.

Strange world.

Cl la lecon d anatomieiii 498x600 120219 t
Cl carnaval 2 111x160 120219
Cl chemin rouge 112x160 120219
Cl la lecon d anatomie 404x600 120219 t
Cl anatomieducoeur 115x160 120219
Cl lamaisondespinoza 110x160 120219
Cl avenueculinaire 428x600 120219 t
Cl biographie spinoza 110x160 120219
Cl droledemonde2 413x600 120219 t
Cl le gardien 114x160 120219
Cl la maison spinozaiii 410x600 120219 t
Cl le grand festin 117x160 120219
Cl nieuwekerk 109x160 120219
Cl la lecon danatomie2 411x600 120219 t
Cl lestheoriesphilosophiques 406x600 120219 t
Cl tolerance 111x160 120219
Cl uneanneeavecspinoza1 110x160 120219
Cl uneanneeavecspinoza2 410x600 120219 t
Cl uneanneeavecspinoza3 109x160 120219
Caty Lévêque